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About Buro

Since 2020, I've been itching to share the best and the brightest creations from around the world. Interfaces, fonts, brand identities, and every other creative project that's inspired me. At first, I just shared them with my coworkers to empower everyone and get those creative juices flowing to bring new possibilities and perspectives into the product.

Since, I left the company and I couldn't shake the feeling that I could share it with more people and create an unique connection with you. I want Buro to be an awesome hub for discovering, inspiring, and learning together.

Buro is a way for me to communicate my passions to you, but it's also a way for us to interact. This newsletter isn't just about me, it's about all of us. I believe in the Human and I don't want this newsletter to feel like some cold, impersonal email. Instead, l et's think of this internet space as a café - a place to share and debate ideas and creations, learn new skills and tools, and grow together.

So, here's my current plan for the newsletter: every month, I'll focus on a different topic that I've spent countless hours researching, ranging from colour theory to creating a new language. Every other week, I'll showcase cool creative projects and interesting finds from around the web. And every now and then, I'll throw in some special issues to discuss whatever topics I want.

I'm super excited to see how this project will grow and evolve. See ya on the other side!

May the Force be with you,


Vision & Goals